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Service Commitment

Our clients that achieve the highest level of success embrace an integrated approach with their planning. Your financial plan should focus on each vital area of your life in order to implement the strategies best suited for you. To uncover your vision and goals, we need to see your entire landscape, which outlines your complete financial situation. Then, we can build an effective plan that will allow you to live the life of your dreams.

Ted and Samantha are designated Chartered Investment Managers (CIM®), offering the highest quality of portfolio management services through critical analysis of the markets and regular evaluation of investment options. We are also members of the Responsible Investment Association (RIA) demonstrating our commitment and expertise to looking after our valued clients. 

You can count on us to be:

Caring - We will support you and share ideas and solutions to help you feel prepared and confident about your wealth and any of life’s challenges.

Competent - We strive to be thorough and exceed your expectations. We will always work with your best interests in mind.
Committed - We value each client relationship and dedicate ourselves to your family’s success for generations to come.

For a sample financial projection, click on the document above.

We take the time to listen to you and learn about your family, what's important to you and what your financial goals are. Services and products are appropriately delivered depending on your life situation.

Cracked Rocks

As independent investment advisors, we are not tied to any specific products or providers. We have the freedom to build portfolios that best suit the needs of our clients. Offering traditional transactional accounts, fee-based, and discretionary Managed portfolios allows our clients to choose the management style that fits with their needs and objectives.


Mutual Funds

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)


GICs/High Interest Savings Accounts

Alternative Investments & Option Strategies


Stone Tower

Utilizing various strategies and accounts types, we can ensure your short, mid, and long-term income needs are met. This can include planning for expenses such as children’s education, discretionary spending, emergency funds, ensuring a disabled dependent is financially secure, retirement income, estate transfer, etc.

Registered Retirement Savings Plans (RRSP)
Registered Retirement Income Funds (RRIF)
Tax-Free Savings Accounts (TFSA)
Non-Registered Accounts (CAD & USD)
Registered Disability Savings Plans (RDSP)
Registered Education Savings Plans (RESP)
Formal and Informal Trust Accounts


Rocks on Shore

Some life transitions are expected and can be planned for, while others may take us by surprise. Our experienced team is here to provide the much-needed support through whatever life has in store for you and your family.

 - Getting married
 - Starting a family
 - Buying your first home
 - Separation or divorce
 - Career changes and retirement
 - Downsizing
 - Caring for aging parents
 - Loss of a loved one


Risk Management is the process of identifying potential risks before they happen. By having a plan in place, you are given the opportunity to avoid the risk, minimize its impact or at the very least allow yourself to cope with its impact. At Braestone Family Wealth we look at anything from the financial risk of losing a loved one, the family relationship risk of not passing on your estate properly or the tax risk of triggering a capital gain in the wrong year and assess your options on how you can avoid, mitigate or protect yourself.

Life Insurance (Term, Whole Life, and Universal Life)*
Disability Insurance*
Critical Illness and Long-Term Care Insurance*
Individual Health and Dental Insurance*
Segregated Funds





*Insurance products are provided through iA Private Wealth Insurance, which is a trade name of PPI Management Inc. Only products and services offered through iA Private Wealth Inc. are covered by the Canadian Investor Protection Fund.

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