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Investment Philosophy

We believe one of the biggest drivers to manage the returns and risk within your portfolio is your asset allocation.  That is the percentage of your portfolio that is allocated to stocks, cash, and fixed income.  Your personal asset allocation will depend on:


  • Your past experiences with investing

  • Your current and future income needs

  • Your goals and expectations

  • Your tolerance for volatility

We then diligently select individual securities to build your portfolio, using a combination of individual stocks, exchange traded funds (ETFs), mutual funds, GICs and other investment products.

We incorporate the recommendations of our own company’s research analysts, proven money managers and investment strategist and over-lay them with the research of independent third parties, to come up with our final selections. 

We are continuously looking for new opportunities, either with individual securities or investment strategies, that can be used in our portfolios, all with the end goal of increasing returns and/or reducing the risk for our clients. 

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