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  • Samantha Seaman

Conveniently, access your CRA info online. Why should I register for CRA My Account?

Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Things you can do once signed up for CRA’s My Account:

  • Register to receive your Notice of Assessments and Re-assessments online instead of by mail.

  • View your RRSP deduction limit and available TFSA contribution room as of the beginning of the year (remembering that any contributions made since the beginning of the year will not be reflected)

  • Request a remittance voucher if you plan to pay your taxes at the bank

  • Update your address or marital status.

Here’s how to register for My Account/My Service Canada Account

2. Click “CRA Register”

3. You will need to enter your Social Insurance Number, postal code, birthdate and the amount on Line 135 of your previous year tax return.

4. A security code will be mailed to you (5-10 business days)

Or choose to have it sent by email (if you choose this option you will need to speak to a representative to confirm your identity)

5. Create a user id and password, as well as 5 security questions

6. You will have limited access until you receive your security code.

7. Once registered for CRA My Account, you can access My Service Canada Account, without an additional log in requirement.

Although having access to this information online is convenient, make sure you always select very unique passwords, and keep user IDs and passwords hidden in a secure spot. Let us know if you have any questions.


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