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Your Experience

See It. Build It. Live It.



At the next meeting, we will discuss our recommendations, the opportunities and address any outstanding questions or concerns you might have. If we all agree that it makes sense, then we will then open up the accounts and sign the transfer documents to transfer the funds and investments into your new investment accounts.


First Meeting



  • We take time to understand your current and future income needs,        your risk and return expectations, and any immediate challenges                that may need to be addressed

  • We give you an overview of our philosophy, our services and how we are compensated

  • We review our recommendations and how they will meet all your requirements

  • If we all agree that it makes sense, we will open up your accounts (RRSP, TFSA etc.).

  • We then construct a comprehensive financial plan that is tailored for you and your family

  • Build your portfolio and investment strategy

  • Review your taxes and estate plan


Life Challenges

Hover over each stone to learn more about the process.

  • We will schedule regular review and update meetings to ensure that we stay on track to meet your goals and aspirations

  • We will keep you informed on the markets and economy

  • We will explain any new legislation that could affect your financial plan

  • Even with careful planning, we understand that there may be major events that could impact your life (examples like: loss of a job, loss of a loved one, a new baby). We will always be there to support you, make the needed changes to your plan, and get you back on track.

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